Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Handphone ni hubby dapat from his company, TOYOTA ! Senang ek, boleh dpt free hehehe.....camane tak dpt free !!! Sbb lucky draw punya pasal...;-)

TOYOTA THANK YOU DINNER was held at First World Hotel baru2 ni....ekceli, hubby dpt 2 invitation TQ Dinner : one is for the Central Region and the other one is for the Northern Region. Telah diadakan di venue yg sama tapi tarikh yg berlainan...Central on the 11 March while Northern on the next day nya, 12 March 2011 !

Number hubby 'terkena' during the Central Dinner tp hubby tak dpt attend dinner tu coz dia ade hal yg tak dpt dielakkan. Dia dah informed kat management about this...so, tak harap lah ape2 from this dinner hehehe....mlm tu hubby balik agak lewat...so,baru sampai rumah je his BOSS called. Informed yg hubby's lucky draw number hit ! Hubby pun inform la kat BOSS dia tu yg he's not at the dinner and that number is unvalid !

Tapi...mmg baik la Mr. Peter ni ! Dia still approved kan number hubby tu ! He said, "Never mind. This time u take it. But for tomorrow's one, no number will be given to u, ok ??? And I'll take it for u ! "......nak tak nak, hubby pun terpaksa la agreed !

The next weeknya bila hubby pegi ofis, Mr Peter pun pass this handphone. Hubby dah set in his mind before tgk h/phone ni...if it is Android phone, Ochia la yg akan dpt....tgk2 bkn Android.....so,dpt ke Adik la ;-) and Adik pun very happy to receive this phone from his Ayah !!!

p/s : alhamdulillah, tak pyah kluar duit belikan Adik phone....jimat !! ;-)

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